Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Club 3DS

Once confirmed the official demise of Club Nintendo as we know it, we have to first go to spend those stars that have accumulated and, once elected our gift, shuffling different formats to reward our faithfulness Nintendo may have at hand and if someone from Nintendo reads us, that catches ideas as demanded by our community. So we'll see what the advantages and disadvantages of different models available to assess which is closer to what users demand.

Iwata tracks

First, it is possible that we offer a system which, as said Iwata himself, our loyalty rewards so that a game does not cost the same for buying each month which makes each year.

Being the source Nintendo honcho himself, it seems clear that this system will be used. And indeed it seems logical that if I download games eShop regular basis, can come to be regarded as VIP or whatever you want to call, so leave me much cheaper than others that either do not or do in a timely manner.

It can be done in different ways, either with a fixed discount after X downloads, or progressive, so the more you download, the cheaper you can get the next game. In fact, today we have a similar case with the Super Indie Connection 2, which offers a 60% discount when you've already downloaded a game from the list above the rest. But being the Club Nintendo, should be something even more exclusive and valid throughout the eShop, especially to reward those who buy games at full price and not just when there are discounts involved.

In physical format, although a priori seems harder to make these types of promotions, we've had similar cases as promotions 3DS regaling us 1 game in downloadable format if we recorded 3 in a given period, so it would be unreasonable to extend it to WiiU games. Choose a model, on the other, by 2 course are promotions that should be much more constant for repeat buyers.

Another option that shuffles Iwata is to reward those who recommend a game to friends and I end up buying. In this case, the latest demos spread for Super Smash Bros and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS teach us the way of how they could do. When you buy a game, I provide a few demos of the game in question to hand out to those undecided friends who all have and which have not yet dared to this saga that both you'll like.

As simple as pass that code to the Nintendo ID of a friend, that if the demo is downloaded and ends up buying, you get a special discount, collectors' items or DLCs you give away the next game. Certainly would be a prize according to the effort we make to others incorporate our favorite games.

other options

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So far, just Iwata tracks, but we can continue speculating with other options. How could encourage us through the Virtual Console? Since then, the current policy requires a twist to make it more attractive to members of Club Nintendo. It could be that when you buy a physical game via eShop we regale his version on the Virtual Console, we provide access to a flat fare to download several of those games a month or, as with the rest of downloadable games, progressive discount to those most downloaded.

Another option is that reward those who buy the most exclusive: the possibility of making us with the limited edition of a game or console, exclusive demos or sweepstakes to attend the Madrid events Style Games Week. Some of these have been test these months demos Super Smash Bros or New 3DS, making sure to continue to be done and there is no doubt that bring exclusivity whose turn it on luck. However, that type of user requirements previously known to be among the elite and not random enough help us not seem unfair and anyone can reach that mark qualify to enter this group of "chosen".

Finally, we must not forget the possibility of a similar but more attractive to the current model. It just try to have at our fingertips best gifts and more according to their real value cost. Thus, cases like the famous wrapping paper that cost the equivalent record eight games or console games and 4 are repeated. Agree that it is something free, but the goal of a Loyalty Plan should be just that, loyalty and not cause a large number of users do not even record the points.

Therefore, both the American model as the Japanese are totally valid for our system more attractive gifts and less games required to register for gift and you can access even download Virtual Console games for less cost than our dear gift wrap .

And not forgetting that maintaining this system, it would be absolutely necessary that could get cards with balance eShop. If we really want to encourage the sale in downloadable format, all shares of the company should be aimed to raise awareness of current products, and not force us to download on systems that do not promote nor from Nintendo itself.

Any change, go in one or another direction should a widespread demand from the unification of accounts. Thus, being able to have associated our downloads at our Nintendo ID fosters Cross- Cross- buy or play, so that we have the same as the Playstation consoles and bring us closer to the only OS that wants to bring Nintendo.

We can only hope to do with that surprise us, but any step forward so long after receiving complaints from many users will be positive, even though many of us to shame the disappearance of Club Nintendo.